Monday, February 28, 2005

how to purge the poison

I think this is a beautiful song:

When the world ends
Collect your things
You’re coming with me
When the world ends
You tuckle up yourself with me
Watch it as the stars disappear to nothing
The day the world is over
We’ll be lying in bed

I’m gonna rock you like a baby when the cities fall
We will rise as the buildings crumble
Float there and watch it all
Amidst the burning, we’ll be churning
You know, love will be our wings
The passion rises up from the ashes
When the world ends

When the world ends
You’re gonna come with me
We’re going to be crazy
Like a river bends
We’re going to float
Through the criss cross of the mountains
Watch them fade to nothing
When the world ends
You know that’s what’s happening now
I’m going to be there with you somehow...

-Dave Matthews Band - When the World Ends (thanks to forgottenmachine for the correction)

This is the last song on the soundtrack to The Matrix: Reloaded, a cd I truly love. I like listening to it on the way to school, and bopping along to the angry songs by Marilyn Manson (This Is the New Shit!) and Rob Zombie and the electronic songs with lots of scratching and screeching. I find angry music really comforting. Unlike sad music, it doesn't make me more angry if I'm already pissed off. Paradoxically enough, it tends to soothe me.

I stuck to U2 today, because I usually find them comforting as well. I like this line from Miracle Drug:
There's no failure here, sweetheart
Only when you quit...
I am you and you are mine
Love makes nonsense of space and time.

Then I listened to some Aimee Mann on the way to the library, where I managed to forget my photocopy card with six dollars of credit in the copy room for the second time in two weeks.

I felt really distracted and kind of ill all day, and found myself wondering if maybe I was getting the flu. But then I remembered those t-shirt designs I was looking at this morning, and remembered why I felt so nauseated. For some reason, I object much more strongly to people who poison minds and not bodies. Murderers are horrible, yes, and the destruction of the body and all its potential is crime that should be punished to the full extent of the law, but there's something even more insidious about poisoning people's minds with utter filth. Forcing people into a narrow-minded view of the world is an act which truly disgusts me and makes me question the inner goodness of human beings. How can a country like the United States, which is supposed to stand for such lofty concepts as freedom and democracy, empower people with such vehemently intolerant views?

So that's kind of what got me all day. That's what made my comfort music inadequate, scrambled my brain, mixed up my insides, and yet at the same time made me inordinately glad that I live in a place where I actually do feel free.

A few significant events of last week I will have to come back to later on.

But for now, to stunting!


p.s. pictures of my latest endeavors to be posted soon!

by Nome at 9:15 PM
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