Monday, February 28, 2005

stunting rules

Yay for stunting!

I had such an awesome time tonight. I got to the gym a bit late, which was crap, but when I arrived I found that not only were the two girls I know from the Trojans there, but so was their coach. This was about the equivalent of having a scout come to your game to watch you play. It was a really great opportunity to show her that I have some idea of what I'm doing and want to learn more.

We did some double basing (two girls on the bottom), some jumps, and a few other things to start out with. I did a lot of spotting for Abby's rewinds, which were scary as usual. I think my catching is definitely improving because a) I am covered in bruises from girls colliding with various vital parts of my body -- go gravity!, and b) I am being trusted with spotting harder stunts with people who are more advanced and tops who are highly skilled and therefore highly precious (which is not to say we drop the others!). My moment of glory, or something close to it, came when I got to single-base Abby, FINALLY, and put her up in an extension that impressed both Intense Base (and very few things impress him!) and the coach. Stellar!

It would be sweet if I made their team. I'm willing to swallow cheesy uniforms, pom-poms, dancing, cheers, and games way out in the boonies if it means I get to stunt regularly with a group of people who know what they're doing and want to teach me everything they know.

I thought I would recap two neat things that happened last week. But now I am too tired and need to sleep.

Before I go, I will relate that I was just on the phone with the Boy and I noticed he was playing Fiona Apple's Get Gone in the background. So I started singing along:

How many times do I have to say
To get away -- get gone
Flip your shit past another lass'
Humble dwelling
You got your game, made your shot, and you got away
With a lot but I'm not turned-on
So put away that meat you're selling [most satisfying line]
Cause I do know what's good for me
And I've done what I could for you
But you're not benefitting, and yet I'm sitting
Singing again, sing, sing again.

And I got some laughter out of him that made my day. Sometimes it's good to remember why I love him so much.

More to follow tomorrow.


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