Tuesday, June 14, 2005

point, set, match!

Sometimes I have days that are just so fucking great that I want to top the evening off with a few lines of coke and a shot of tequila. Not that I'm in the habit of doing coke - it's just what gangsters do in movies when things are going really well.

And today was one of those days.

Cool shit that happened today:

1) I ran into a teacher who I knew from elementary school and had a huge crush on when I was about 11. At the time that was mortifying, because not only was she female, but she was also about 20 years older than me and absolutely straight as a line. It was also mortifying because she ended up marrying the teacher who called me paresseuse when I was 12 and scarred me for life. They got together for the first time on our class trip to Quebec, when I was at the crux of my adolescent freak-out and loving the hell out of her whilst hating the hell out of him. I never thought I'd see either of them again, but she came into the store today, called me an "amazing girl" for having already finished my BA, and introduced me to her little son, the progeny of her and Professeur Maudite, a curly-haired little thing who got all of her beauty but also P.M.'s frustrating little smirk. Oh man, that smirk took me back. It reminded me of so many long days in a hot classroom with the cheekiest and most irritating teacher on the planet. The other funny thing is that she, of course, was and is utterly clueless about how much I liked her back then. How would she have suspected, really? I denied it even to myself.

2) Ran into a group of 5-6 guys who go to the same school as Kev in Ireland. I recognized their accents right away. They're here for the year and wanted to know if I had any idea how they could go about finding a place to live in town. I talked to them for about 15 minutes, while Emma covered my line-up at cash, and I gave them my email address. They were super-cute and I hope to hell they'll email me. I should have gotten their addresses in case they're too wimpy to send a message to me! I can think of few things I'd rather do with my summer than hang out with some cute Irish boys who'd like to get a tour of the city. WICKED!

3) Emma is my new friend. She is totally sweet, totally funny, and tells me honestly what's going on in the store. She always explains things, and she never loses patience or gets fed up with me. She also loves stuffed animals and cute things and she laughs at my jokes and is a bit nerdy like me. And she likes girls, so she empathizes when there are really great-looking women in the store, which seems to be pretty much every minute of every single day. This city is full of beautiful people when you actually open your eyes and take notice.

4) Just heard that M. has obtained the job of a lifetime in China and is now giving presentations in Mandarin to groups of 300 people at a time. What a star! How I wish he would email me!

5) Work was crazy and busy today, but so good. People kept bringing great books up to the counter and no one yelled at me.

6) I realised my days off are tomorrow and the next day.

7) Cait is back in town!! Celebration time! How I have missed her! We have so, so much to catch up on.

8) Thursday is my Blogger Meet-up downtown and I am as excited as a wombat in a field of rolled oats.

Now if I could just read some good books and get laid on my days off, everything would be just too perfect.

Naturally, I put the books first on my to-do list because I shant get my hopes up about the rest of it.

Ha! To-do list!

I crack myself so consistently up.

Life is so shitty without a sense of humour. How do the perpetually unamused people manage to keep on living? It is a real mystery.

To dinner.



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