Tuesday, June 27, 2006

speaking of girly...

I just sat through my first complete World Cup football game, and I didn't hate it. Okay, so it wasn't the most exciting thing I'd ever seen. It didn't make me want to rip off my shirt and swing it around my head, or paint my face red, white, and blue, or chant the Marseillaise, or go drink beer and yell.

But, I do think that Zidane is rather a lot cuter than Beckham (metrolecherous, self-promoting moron....cough cough...pardon my French). I guess I think Zidane just has more character. And paradoxically enough, I think his unconventional looks pretty much ensure that you're watching the game for ninety minutes and not his washboard stomach.

And it was pretty hilarious to see all the ludicrous "fashion" statements of Spanish men that I witnessed in Madrid and Seville repeated on television. The long hair, for instance. The mullets (ugh!), the headbands, the quasi-mohawks, and yes, the pink undershirts. I probably was the only one who noticed when one of the players' jerseys rode up a bit. Ah, Spanish men and their pastels. Will they ever learn?

I asked Morgan out for a drink before Rain's show on Friday. I meant it in a friendly way, OBVIOUSLY, plus I don't actually know that she's gay, and although I strongly suspect it I would never dare assume such a thing. My question led into a long rant about how her brother is an alcoholic, despite the fact that I specifically asked if she wanted to go get some chocolate milk because I sort of figured she wasn't the drinking type. Meh. I had to do one of those corny girflfriend references that I hate doing. I've always hated bringing up one's relationship in conversation as a sort of "heads up, I'm spoken for" warning. I'd rather not think of being with someone as a possessive thing, and a drink is a drink is a drink is a drink.

God, I had some really fucking disturbing dreams last night, once I finally did get to sleep. I blame the single cherry popsicle and red snapper soup I had before bed. What an awful combination that was.

Anyway, I miss my old blogging pals. Where are you guys? Sniff! I miss you!


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