Sunday, July 01, 2007

uh huh

Today I went out for coffee with a stunning girl with red hair who makes me laugh and finishes my sentences and loves poetry and listens to good music.

And she kissed me.

Seemed like a nice start. But I'll not jinx it by saying more. I'll just say I'm excited. :)

Oh, and I'm back in town! It's good to be home. Maya missed me, and so did my bed. Last night I got naked just to feel the sheets against my skin. Ah. Beautiful.

Happy Canada Day! I love this country just a tiny bit more now that I know it has been home to my family for eight generations. And I love it more now that I have real Quebecois maple butter to spread on my toast.

I miss my far-away friends though. There is a little voice in my head whispering: remember, remember. Remember good friends and hot days. Remember pretty blue eyes and perfect curls, kind words and white curtains, glasses perched above temples, warm hands, a low sweet voice. Remember songbirds and sling babies. Remember to keep wishing for happy endings to the only true love stories that mean something to me.

Remember to live in the present and savour it.

I wish my memory was much more photographic, because I'm beginning to think that this life is made up of points in time like in that photo of the Gorge above, a series of moments perfectly, however strangely captured. It is a collection of small poignant things best held onto, the good with the bad, the dark and the bright, the lightning and sunshine, the cold and the warmth.

And so I struggle to remember them, for whatever it's worth.

Till next time.


by Nome at 9:53 PM
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