Thursday, August 09, 2007

in a jungle of grass and green bamboo

Hold me, wrap me up
I am small
and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me...
-Sia - Breathe Me

In the night, after the sweet-clawed tiger has left your bed, you will dream those heavily scented ecstasy dreams, the kind you never knew before you took the pills, but those that now appear most vividly when sleep is the only substance in your body.

The sheets feel like creamy satin against your skin, the air perfumed with the faintest haze of summer rain, and you sleep gentle as a child, but nowhere near as innocent.

In the morning, you will stand in the shower in the hopes that the rivers of warm water will feel something close to the feeling of her fingers on your skin, the soft towel some small approximation of her arms pulling you inside.

You will remember her palms on your collar bone, which she called by its medical name, and the pads of her index fingers in your hair.

And life will smell a little sweeter. The incense by your bed will remind you of Tibetan mountains you have never seen. Coffee freshly ground will smell of Sumatran hillsides, and a cat's fur will remind you of how soft and sweet and powerful a thing can be.

Your heart will beat that steady rhythm in the morning, that faithful, gentle humming on your skin.

And you will allow yourself to feel so alive, for the moment, in this jungle of grass and green bamboo.

~I'm going to the island for a few days to drink wine and lie on the beach. Hope to hear from all 788 of you when I get back.~


p.s. to your right is a little Estrie sunset for you, all the way from Eastern Quebec. Sadly I had no jungle photos to post.

by Nome at 2:29 PM
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