Sunday, February 13, 2005


Just read a funny paragraph on the Pro-X site. I guess it's not so much funny as it is extremely well-put. It's from a section telling people how to send in skills tapes to try out for Pro Level:

"Safety first. Please do not perform skills in unsafe environments. Your only limitations are your physical ability and training. All cheer skills are inherently dangerous and potentially deadly and, therefore, should not be attempted without proper training and safety measures. Without a doubt, you will injure yourself to some degree if you choose to participate in this sport. Cheer is like skateboarding, freestyle motocross, or any other extreme sport -- the skills performed involve a significant degree of danger and potential for injury. No one ever said doing a backflip on a skateboard or motorcycle was smart or safe. Neither is doing a rewind awesome or a triple full. All skills are performed at your own risk." (my emphasis)

I think that's a nice way to put it. Especially the part about it being neither smart nor safe.

By the way, here is the team I plan to try out for in March. I think it may be time to hit the gyme again. I have been ridiculously lazy as of late. I know two of the girls on the team already from stunting club, and another one is on the All-Star team that just came back from Vegas. Other than that, I am pretty much jumping into it on my own.

Time to go attack Oliver who has buried himself underneath the blankets on my bed.



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