Wednesday, March 02, 2005

and here I thought I liked everybody's blog...

This is my last post of the evening. Really.

I have been playing with the addictive 'Next Blog' function on Blogger, and though I thought I would be finding lots of interesting stuff, so far it has been mostly drivel.

There were many blogs written in foreign languages (which may or may not have been drivel, I don't know, I couldn't read them), one in French that I could read, but it was about Kurdish nationalism, of which I have no knowledge or opinion, several from religious people who seemed to have replaced a one-track mind for sex with a one-track mind for Jesus (how transparent), many from irritating high schoolers who couldn't write themselves out of a paper bag (I shouldn't make fun, I doubt I'm less tedious), a few from companies who appeared to be using blogs for marketing purposes (BORING!), some that were so poorly-written that I couldn't understand them, despite their allegedly being in English, and many other unquestionable winners.

I almost feel like staying up and looking until I find a good one to redeem my faith in human originality.

But I should really do a bit of stretching and go to bed. What a terribly silly creature I am.

G'nite. For real this time.


by Nome at 12:59 AM
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