Sunday, April 24, 2005

I am...

Somewhere in between tipsy and drunk.

Having trouble typing and making things spell themselves rite!

Feeling like my hair is SO perfect right now that I don't want to sleep on it.

Wanting to take a picture of my hair it's so perfect.

Thinking I may just be self-indulgent and bloody well do that already.

Aware that nobody notices when my hair is perfect. Their eyes are about ten inches lower.

A little bit scared at how attracted I am to other girls, even when they look like boys (and sometimes more so when they look like boys!).

Annoyed I have to get up early.

Wishing I was not so wound up all the time.

Regretting that I had to be born a girl. Boys get all the cool equipment.

Eating bread and jam even though I don't feel like it.

Gonna stop before I write something I regret.

Thinking I hold onto far too many regrets.

Motherfuckign...damn. sorry. like a duck in an oil spill. enough!

Drunken foolishness.


by Nome at 2:38 AM
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