Wednesday, April 20, 2005

speaking of old age, I may be destined for a lot of wrinkles

You Will Die at Age 85


Congratulations! You take good care of yourself.

You're poised to live a long, healthy life.

What Age Will You Die?

According to this extremely unscientific quiz, anyway.

Frankly, I think 85 is a bit young for me to be kicking the bucket. My grandmother is already 87, and my mobile-and-still-travelling great aunt is almost 83. My great uncle just turned 90. Then again, both my grandfathers died in their late 50s or early 60s. I have only a few longevity genes.

I'm really into The Killers. Anybody listen to them? Their song Mr. Brightside is the shit. And I don't say 'the shit' very often, for what I think are obvious reasons.

The Boy just left my apartment with Mashimoro the stuffed bunny under his coat. What a weirdo.


by Nome at 12:36 AM
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