Friday, April 15, 2005

about that there photo...

Research has shown that young children cannot identify the couple on the bottle because they do not have any prior memory associated with such a scenario. What they will see are the nine dolphins. This is a test to determine if you already have a corrupted ('experienced' is probably a better word) mind. If it's hard for you to find the dolphins within 3 seconds, your mind is indeed corrupted.

In other words, if you saw the couple right away, congratulations -- you're an adult. Or at least a really horny teenager.

If you saw nine dolphins, then congratulations as well. By some miracle you have retained a child-like vision of the world.

For the record, it took me about five minutes to even find one dolphin. It was like one of those Magic Eye 3D pictures. The child-like innocence didn't come easily, and I think that says a lot about me, and perhaps about us all.

Thanks for Berdie for the photo.

I have to have a phone conference with the FUCKING STUPID people from Arts Advising now, but I'll be back to write more later.

Keep those questions coming and I will post all the answers in the same post.

Welcome to the blog, Lobster. Do you keep them as pets or do you like to eat them? I won't tell you which one I prefer, just in case you work for PETA.

Anything is possible. Even Fiona Apple works for PETA.



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