Sunday, April 10, 2005

mangling languages is fun!

It's fun to watch people mangle languages, particularly when it's your own language.

Check out It's fun because I actually recognize much of this stuff from my forays into Toronto's Korea town and from going just about anywhere in Richmond. Be sure to check out the Tino candy packages. I actually found one of those packages in high school and kept it for years because it was so funny.

Then check out the opposite point of view, Hanzai Smatter, a site devoted to the fine Western art of misuing Asian characters.

In other news, Prince Charles and Camilla appear to have gotten married. He just became the least attractive man to ever wear a kilt while imploring God, in a church (!), to smite the British press. I feel midly nauseous. Has anyone else remarked on the distasteful fact that he chose that shrivelled-up corpse of a mistress over the beautiful and charitable Diana? Though I suppose they deserve each other, it sounds to me like a fairly tale gone very, very wrong:

Ugly Prince marries Beautiful Princess who manages to appreciate his toad-like qualities. Prince ignores Princess and gets a mistress -- the irritating Camilla with bad hair and worse style (what was that thing coming out of her hat, by the way? A feather or a Medieval weapon?). The Prince then divorces the Princess and after she dies in a horrific car wreck, he marries his hapless mistress and they all live happily ever after...

Except for Diana, of course, who is squirming in her grave. A scary thought, indeed.

I have been studying all day, all night, even in my sleep. Sorry I haven't anything more intelligent to add.

Ta ta.


by Nome at 11:23 PM
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