Thursday, March 31, 2005

a jungle of links is all I have the energy to create

Good riddance to those essays! This week has been yet another delightful eating-and-sleeping free experience that I don't care to repeat (even though I have another due on Tuesday. FUCK!).

Seeing as I've just finished writing two 12-18 page papers of original analysis combined with meticulously cited research, I wondered what everyone else thought of this delightful little case.

My feeling, after four long slogging years of writing papers I've poured my heart and soul into and then handing them to largely indifferent and sometimes cruel professors is that she got what was coming to her. Anyone stupid enough to take that bait deserves to hang from the hook of academic dishonesty for the rest of her life.

I really, really enjoy this photograph. It is the ultimate illustration of how to add insult to injury.

PETA pisses me off. A lot. See if you can find out why. Reading the FAQs on their website will give you a clue. So will visiting this ludicrous page. FAQs are at the best of times informative and at the worst of times an easy way to commit the straw man fallacy. PETA just loves their straw men.

Thanks to the Boy for directing me to those links.

Sorry for my inability to come up with anything even remotely original today. I am tired and frustrated and my head hurts.

I've been listening to and really loving Fiona Apple's quirky new album called Extraordinary Machine. It's a delightful collection of over-the-top strings arrangements, beautiful lyrics, and bizarre yet brilliant songwriting. I heartily recommend it. Yet don't rush to the record store, because you won't find it there. Sony refused to release the cd after it was finished in 2003, because they didn't "hear a single" and didn't think it would sell enough copies. Fiona has been characteristically passive in the whole struggle, while websites like try to rescue her music with a kind of near-frightening earnestness. I honestly don't think she much cares about making money from the album. She recorded the songs she wanted to record, and if people can get access to them for free, then she's done her job and then some. Did I mention I love Fiona Apple? What a gutsy and independent artist she is.

Anyway, time for Thai food.



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