Wednesday, March 30, 2005

great link shamelessly stolen

Thanks to Forgottenmachine for posting this link.

In case you're too busy/boring/annoyed/indifferent to actually go to the link, the last paragraph is the one I like the most:

"Here’s what the full live coverage did not tell you: in the aftermath of wars made by men, when the bombs have stopped falling, when the fires are done razing proud cities into rubble, when the fine dust of defeat has finally settled, the survivors will trickle slowly back in, the women and the children. Their small hands will dig deep into the ashes for bits of metal, bone, books, fragments of songs, what is left of language—to build anew, a piece at a time—heart and home."
-- The Beebox
Beautiful writing, poignant and true.




by Nome at 12:20 AM
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