Thursday, April 14, 2005

what I will miss

Wrote my Children's Lit exam today. It actually went swimmingly, despite only 2 hours of study time in a sleepy haze this morning. I got my paper back, the one I wrote on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, that cool fantasy trilogy I like, and I got an A+! This is the first A+ in my entire university career. A fitting end, I think!

There are indeed a few things I will miss about being a student at my university. Here are some of them:

1) Alice the coffee lady. She makes a mean dark roast and is friendly even on the darkest, coldest days of winter. Happiest service worker I ever met.

2) Warm bagels from the SUB. Toasted, with cream cheese. YUM!

3) The rose garden in the spring when all the flowers are in bloom.

4) The cinema I took all my film classes in. Huge big screen, comfy chairs, and academic bliss!

5) The sixth floor of the library where I used to sit huddled among the Shakespeare books, hoping to gain a bit of knowledge-by-osmosis.

6) Rave -- what a crazy girl. I'll never forget the funny feeling in the room when she walked into it dressed all in black, with heavy eyeliner, smelling of cigar smoke, and carrying her bizarre little briefcase. I loved to listen to her rant about whatever we were reading in class. What a funny character she is. I may even try to keep in touch with her.

7) Prof G. Had a dream last night that I had dinner at his house with his family. I wish! His kids are so cute -- three little red-haired girls ages 2, 7, and 12. He has actually been the highlight of my parade of professors, many of whom have been egotistical, self-absorbed, crusty old scholars with not a single interesting thing to say, and no interest in anything I had to say either. Prof G has been what I always wanted in a prof. AND he came to my play. Yes, I will miss him greatly.

8) The comfy leather couches in the SUB in which I read so many pages of Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams and Edgar Allen Poe's tales of darkness and woe.

9) The many hours spent reading the New Yorker on the cardio machines and chuckling at the many bad lifters and the sorority girls.

10) The little markets in the SUB selling cute underwear and earrings. So many useless pretty things, and so little money!

11) The insanely overpriced bookstore with its fountain of glorious, expensive books, and sweet, sweet stationary.

12) The nice girl at the convenience store who sold me chocolate before my evening class.

13) The graduate students' bar where I hung out with my nicer TA's, profs, and classmates.

14) The engineering trailer where the Boy was permanently installed at the computer, typing away and pretending not to notice my arrival until I kissed the back of his neck and stuck my cold hands under his shirt.

15) Riding the bus to school in the middle of the winter, all wrapped up in my white toque, rainbow scarf, and furry coat. Even though it never gets very cold, I still have to act like I live in Canada.

16) Accompanying the Boy to his huge physics lectures in First Year, and getting waaayyy too naughty at the back of the auditorium.

17) STORM THE WALL! - yep, the bruises were bad, but the fun was legendary.

18) The carpeted seating area in the aquatic center, universally known as The Womb due to its warm moistness (like the actual womb, it sounds gross, but at the time I'm sure it was pure bliss)

19) Eating subway sandwiches at all hours.

20) Running into beered-up youths who were still pleasant to talk to.

21) Sleeping in Gabey's bed in his res apartment and relegating him to the living room couch. Hey, he offered!

22) End-of-the-year parties on the beach, spent drinking bad wine, smoking pot, singing along to guitars and bad bongo players, burning copious quantities of class notes, watching crazy fools go skinny-dipping in April, and dragging 200+-lb. drunken guys on the HUGE, scary hike up the cliffs. I think I deserved the bed after that one!

23) Cheap movies, cheap beer, cheap breakfast.

Rick, I got your questions today. I will also answer them in an upcoming post.

I like like to keep you all hanging...

Oh, and does anyone else find my red text to be hard on the eyes? I'm going to change it...and now I'm thinking of changing my template as well. But I'm so computer-retarded it'll take ages for me to figure it out. I also want to put up a blogroll and a web stats counter on my site. Does any kindly person want to tell me how to do any of these things or could direct me to a website with said info? That would be awesome.


I'm sure there's more, but the Boy's here now so I've got to call it a post.


From a silly silly bunny.


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