Wednesday, April 13, 2005

and now for something lighter and fluffier

Hey kids.

Since I am halfway through my exams, and since in a miraculous burst of luck (I refuse to attribute it to my own cleverness) they've gone really well so far, and since my last post was depressing out of necessity, I'm going to be decidedly more whimsical for a bit. And then I'm going to lie down and attempt to recover from writing an exam at 8:30 am this morning after a scant 5 hours of sleep.

Film 200 -- Introduction to Canadian Cinema
History 425 -- War & Society
...can both kiss my ass! HA! Anyway...

The following amusing 'Last Thing' queries came from Jag's blog, so credit goes to her for the inspiration:

Last Cigarette: I have actually never smoked a whole one myself. I think the last time I smoked actual tobacco was in Switzerland at the end of last year when someone handed me a lit cigarette to hold for a few minutes and I was stoned out of my mind and really had nothing better to do. Oral fixation, I suppose. Incidentally that's the name of Shakira's new album. In typical fashion, she seems utterly unaware of the scope of that statement...I however, am a little less coy.

Last Alcoholic Drink : bad, bad, BAD apple cider.

Last Car Ride: This morning, when my kindly old Dad drove me to my exam, at 8:00am. Nice chap, and I'm glad to be related to him.

Last Movie Seen in Theaters: Sin City (gory, gory Tarantino-esque fun! Right up my alley...)

Last Movie Rented: A Ma Soeur, aka Fat Girl

Last Cuss Word Uttered: FUCKING STUPID! In reaction to some advisor's insistence that I provide proof that I was credited with 6 science credits from IB like fucking five years ago.

Last Beverage Drank: water, lots and lots of water. And before that coffee and orange juice.

Last Food Consumed: bagel

Last Time Showered: yesterday

Last Phone Call Made: to the FUCKING STUPID Arts Advising office

Last Text Message: That I sent? Months ago. Something to Dag about being late to meet her after play rehearsal.

Last TV Show Watched: FEAR FACTOR!

Last Shoes Worn: black leather boots I bought for damn cheap at a street market in Milan.

Last CD Played: The White Stripes - Elephant (pirated Turkish copy)

Last CD Bought: Amy Winehouse - Frank

Last Annoyance: THE FUCKING STUPID ARTS ADVISING OFFICE! Okay, I'm sensing a theme here.

Last Disappointment: THE FUCKING ARTS....--ah, for the sake of creativity, let's say the 82% nitpicky marking of my film studies paper.

Last Thing Written: my film exam

Last Word Spoken: Bye.

Last IM: "Guess I'll have to talk to you l8er. Right, sk8er?" To my friend who always ends her MSN conversations with the ever-annoying "Later Skater!"

Last Weird Encounter: With a construction worker as I was walking home. He was damn cute...looked like the actor who plays Lucas in Empire Records, and to my utter astonishment he smiled at me as I walked by. I was so surprised that it took me a moment or two to remember to smile back. I don't even know if he saw it. It was the girliest moment I've had in a while. I sometimes have to hit myself in the head to remember that oh yeah, I'm a girl! And guys sometimes think I'm cute! And they don't always express it by being lewd and yelling out of their car windows! It was a weird encounter simply because I have allowed my expectations of random men to drop abysmally.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: peach frozen yogurt.

Last Time In Love: every single day. Corny, but true.

Last Time Hugged: Gah! I don't even know! Probably on the weekend...yeah, probably Saturday morning when the Boy was leaving. Damn is that sad! It's fucking Wednesday afternoon! No wonder I'm so wound up. I guess kisses don't count, eh?

Last Shirt Worn: A purple longsleeved Banana Republic thing I bought on onsignment. It matches my hair and smells like closet because I haven't worn it in ages.

Last Webpage Visited:

Last Thing Lost: 6 science credits?

Last Regret: the entire content of my past interactions with a guy I spoke to on MSN the other day.

Wow. I love answering questions. There's so little for me to do except try not to lie.

Anybody have anything they've always wanted to know about me? Or something they just came up with right now? Now's a good time to ask. I'm feeling generous.

Direct your questions to the email address I've just posted in my profile and they will appear in an upcoming post.

Salutations and all that.


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