Friday, April 15, 2005

why I would rather watch Star Trek than study

Okay, so it's 3:00 and I haven't started studying for my 7:00 exam yet. Everyone's been walking around the house saying things like "sooooo....haven't started studying yet, I see," and "soooo...I guess you're feeling pretty confident about that exam tonight, eh?" This is usually followed by a lot of nudging and cajoling.

Even the cats are looking at me with accusatory eyes. Retract thy gaze, thou large orange ball of fur!

It's my last exam, for crying out loud! And it's only based on a few months' material, and a couple of chapters from the textbook. And it's not for another few hours.

Okay, so I am procrastinating. But I also really enjoyed getting to wake up at 12:30, play around with my template for a while, and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation before getting started.

Does anyone else think it's hilarious that I like that show?

I'm really not that kind of nerd. I'm into books, not geeky sci-fi. Star Trek has its fun moments though. I enjoy the pseudo-science, because at least I can't really be expected to understand made-up computer jargon. I enjoy the fact that for the most part, the women seem to be on pretty equal footing with the men. I really enjoy the scenes where someone asks a computer for "a cup of valerian root tea, hot." I wish I could do that. I actually laugh at it a lot. So maybe I don't really like it in a serious way, but because at times it's a really delightfully oblivious form of self-parody.

Well, I suppose I had better take everyone's advice and start studying. Only a few more hours before I am all done!

Oh, and the idiots at Arts Advising admitted they made a mistake with my transcript. I do indeed have 6 science credits, and now I've been formally cleared to graduate. Go team!



by Nome at 2:59 PM
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