Tuesday, May 24, 2005

an extremely scientific poll

This survey is serious business. It will help some very serious people make some very serious decisions in their very serious lives. So please participate -- and no making shit up!
a poll for those who wear clothing:

when is it time to discard a pair of pants?
is it:
a) when they are X years old
b) when they have acquired Y holes the size of Z in
c) when they no longer cover the areas that they are
supposed to cover
d) when they cannot be patched because the fabric is
so weak that they tear when stitched
e)when you place the pants into a clothes washer and
get a handful of fabric strips out
f) C) and D)
g) D) and E)
h) roll your own...

obviously X, Y, and Z are for your own numbers. if you
choose options a) or b), please include those numbers.
Ahem. Yes, I eagerly await your response.

And so does the Boy.


by Nome at 10:25 PM
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