Thursday, May 19, 2005

I am ridiculously innocent

If this were my list, there would be a hell of a lot of zeros.

I don't quite know how to categorize this girl, so I suppose I simply won't do it.

I have no desire to judge, really, but it does remind me of an article I read once in The Onion, satirical fake newspaper extraordinaire. The headline was "Women today are empowered by just about anything."

Feminism has indeed taken some rather unforeseen paths into the 21st century.

I guess this is a good thing. But it makes people like me look awfully conservative in comparison. It's not my bag of tricks, but it's also not my place to decide if it's okay.

Plus, I make a terrible feminist.

Perhaps I just feel a bit odd cause BDSM is just not my thing.

Yes, that's it.

After an hour or so of reading through her site, this is actually starting to make sense to me. She's a smart girl, great writing, nice photography, all-around talented. We could be friends, except on my weekdays I sell books to children, and she dominates men in her home dungeon.

It's all relative.


by Nome at 4:56 PM
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