Monday, May 16, 2005

the usual


Still sick.

Still feeling overworked.

I felt exactly the way I thought I would feel this morning: W-O-R-S-E. Now I sound sick in addition to feeling it ALL the time.

Was delighted yesterday when a very prim-looking, well-dressed customer from a very upscale part of town came into the store and couldn't remember her postal code to give me and exclaimed: "FUCK!" I was overjoyed. Overjoyed. I don't think that word has ever been spoken in that particular location in the two decades or so that our store has been in existence. It was a very Garden State-like Moment of Zen. Plus I just adore the word and not hearing it all day makes me sad.

I was in a creative writing club in high school and the teacher leading it told us not to use any synonyms for "said" when you're writing a story. The list of 'don't use' expressions included the word 'ejaculated.' I was barely 17. I got it, and I was astonished that no one else in the room was snickering hysterically.

Julie has had two days off and I have not seen her in what feels like ages. I made up a word encorporating her name and the mood she brings to the store when she's around. I thought it was rather clever. We'll see if she appreciates it too. I've missed her. What a silly duck I am.

One of my superiors called a customer a "liar" today. The person in question was not in the store, but we're never, ever, ever supposed to say bad things about customers in the store, no matter what. I was so shocked that I repeated "She's a liar??" incredulously. Guess who got blamed for bad-mouthing? That's right. The vulnerable, nobody-sticks-up-for-me newbie. Fuck that shit. Totally wasn't my fault. If Boss #2 brings it up at the staff meeting I will die. Die! Plain and simple.

I'm starting to feel quite disheartened by the fact that I make $9 an hour, which is pocket change when I'd really like to go to Europe next year AND get my own place. I don't want to live at home but it continues to be a necessity.

I think I'm getting some kind of repetitive strain injury in my right arm, from typing crap into a computer all day. Awesome.

I'm the "inside scrutineer" for one of the polls in tomorrow's election. I have been given almost no training and have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully I will not screw up anything super-important. I saw our MLA in person for the first time today when I went to the campaign office. He's cute as hell. It really ought to be noted that I'm not voting for him because he's cute as hell. After all, in the photos I've seen he looks like a complete square. It's only in person that he's cute. Plus he smiled at me. I'm glad to be working for this guy.

My family might get me an IPOD or similar MP3 player as a graduation present. I want to get the best one I can get within about a $400-$600 price range. Any advice from generous electronics nerds out there? Rick, I'm looking in your direction....

One of my coworkers always says goodbye to me at the end of the day by telling me to "be good," as though I'm really mischievous when I'm not at work. I've been answering with inanities like "sure," or "i'll try," but today I slipped in "why? I'm young. Why not be bad for a while?!" She told me to save the bad stuff for the weekend. Then I had to confess that I'm a total loser and don't do anything excitingly bad anyway, plus I work on the weekends. I don't think she heard me mutter the last part.

I would have to get so much sleep tonight in order to not feel like shit tomorrow that I probably ought just to go to bed immediately. Dammit. So fucking sedated. I am practically a senior citizen.

I need to get out more. But to where? And when? And with whom?

I have a few ideas for what I will do when I don't feel like crap anymore. But you'll have to hear about them when they come to fruition. What a great word. Say it with me: FRUITION.


Play with cats. Then dinner.

Have a good ______(insert relevant sentiment here).


p.s. OH OH! More than 1000 visitors to my site! I rule. Actually, no I don't. You people rule!

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