Friday, May 13, 2005

politics, et cetera

OH! But we were having so much fun! Sorry guys -- I have to get political again for a moment, but only for a moment, because this poem someone sent me about the upcoming provincial election is just too brilliant. This is one political piece which I DO NOT wish to argue about! It's just fun and let's leave it at that. If you live in BC and you relate, say so. Otherwise, kindly sod off. I am not getting into a lengthy political discussion with you about a silly little poem that I found amusing. Please and thank you in advance.

He’s a fish-farming varmit
Oil drilling villain
Drunk driving, conniving, railway selling
Felon, bad-smelling mellon.

He says it my way or the highway
But the people said:
“no way”.

He’s George Bush-brown nosing,
Hospital closing, a Liberal – forget it –
A right-wing Social Credit.
Machievelli’s “The Prince” I bet he
Read it.

A phoney full blown Mulroney clone
But he’s not alone
He’s made back-room deals
With real estate moguls
Mugs with no souls
Who control the whole ball of

He’s a son-of-a-bitch
He’s made rich men, richer
Make no mistake
He’s on the take
With his eyes on the future
And I’ll wager he’ll never
Be paid the training wage.

Oh no, six bucko sucko – so does
He’ll sell BC Hydro
He won’t answer your question
He’ll stare in your eyes
And repeat little slogans
Like he’s hypnotized
And he lies.

He’s made me ashamed to say
Where I’m from
Who on earth would vote for this bum
This mysoginest pig
Treats seniors like scum
I’d rather elect Atilla the Hun
Or anyone.

I don’t want lice on the fish
Oil on the water
Rising tuition for BC sons & daughters
Inadequate care for homeless seniors.

I’d rather have measles
than vote for that
So now you can see
why I’d vote

Al Marder, “Our Town” Word Whips,
May 11th, 2005

Entertaining, isn't it?

By the way, the spelling mistakes are the writer's and not mine. Don't even ask me why a poet cannot spell.

Anyways. I have to make this quick because I'm meeting Berdie in WAYYY out in Richmond for some super-exciting pizza and drinking to celebrate my first actual day off from work. Yay!

It was absolutely beautiful outside as I was walking home because the cottonwood trees are all in bloom and when the wind picked up the cotton was floating to the ground like warm, fluffy snow in the air. Simply astonishing. It was one of those moments that made me feel truly glad to be alive.

Work today was great, as usual. I was less tired because I got more sleep and more caffeine. Boss #2 said to me in the middle of the day: "I think you're doing a great job!" which means a lot to me because she's not the gushy type. I had some great conversations with customers about French immersion (I did it in school so I recommended it to a few people), science for 8-year-olds (the kind I like!), jewelry for 1-year-olds (apparently someone actually manufactures the stuff!), and other sundry items. Met a few more coworkers, including another one who was rather cute.

I have decided that if I was a lesbian I would have a really hard time meeting people. The cutest girls are straight as a whip, but then again I suppose that not everyone has my taste. Plus, girls are a pain in the ass compared to guys, most of whom are quite content with a blow job and a beer.

Got a little thrill today when I went upstairs to the office after my shift to get money to buy a book, and I asked Julie on the way out if she could ring it in for me. She replied "Absolutely. You're the cutest customer I've had all day." The best part is that she could live her whole life and never for a minute know how sweet those words sounded to me. Crushes on girls are so damn easy to keep under wraps.

JaG has once again discovered something cool that I like.

Go here to find out what I think of the G-rating. Okay, so it's pretty fucking stupid, but it was the first amusing thing that popped into my brain.

It has just occurred to me that I would be horrifically embarrassed if my parents or my brother, or any of my relatives for that matter found this site. So if you are related to me and you're on here, this is unauthorized!!! so kindly fuck off please.

See? I was so polite!

Seriously though, that's right up there with my mom stumbling upon my sex toys and porn collection. It is what YM and Seventeen magazine would have referred to as a "totally mortifying moment."

I gotta put a disclaimer on this thing. Onto the 'do to' list with 'change template' it goes.

Damn it's fucking late.

There has been one more contribution to the poll, (thanks, Lobster!) but I think I will need a few more before I get the guts to give out those prizes. I may just end up sitting on them for a while longer.

Okay, really stopping now!!!

More tomorrow because it is my DAY OFF!



p.s. I hate the colour orange in a big way but I wanted to try it just because I want to start trying more new things and it's good to start small.

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