Monday, May 16, 2005

It's about time I made my own MEME

Because what the hell....

I am drinking -- Echinacea tea (BLECH!). My mom's idea, not mine.

I am thinking -- that I ought to go to bed right now, but going to bed means I'm that much closer to waking up again, so maybe I'll just delay the inevitable a bit longer.

I am winking -- At JaG because of her amusing comment on the length of my last post.

I am blinking -- a little more than usual because my eyes are tired from staring at computers for the past 8-9-10 hours -- or perhaps I have just always been staring at them, I don't know.

I am linking -- to one of those crazy Wikipedia definitions that tells you everything without saying anything at all.

I am sinking -- deeper and deeper into a land of those strange people who work 40 hour weeks and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I am slinking -- not much these days, except maybe when I am alone and naked in my room. And that doesn't count because there's no one around to see me. And because I don't own any stilettos.

I am shrinking -- yep! 5-6 pounds so far. I don't plan to continue, but then again I didn't plan to start, either.

Feel free to borrow those or make your own (rhyming is important!) - just link back to my site because it makes me feel loved. And we all want to feel loved, don't we?



by Nome at 9:52 PM
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