Wednesday, June 15, 2005


There is a very sweet and wonderful individual in this world who brightened up my day today by sending me the collector's edition DVD of Pulp Fiction and a copy of Zen Shorts, which is quite possibly the greatest picture book ever written. I think I know who you are already, but please take credit for this so I can shower you with cyber-kisses. I adored you anyway - material goods are just the icing on the proverbial cake.

I had a chill day off today. I did some French tutoring the morning for Hanna, one of our little gift-wrapping elves at the bookstore. She was gracious and well-mannered and attentive and super-sweet and not at all like the L.P. She also made me cookies and French vanilla tea. It was lovely and I came very close to asking her to not bother paying me, since I had enjoyed working with her so much.

I went to my brother's 4-hour long grad ceremony. Two hundred and eighty fucking five graduates later I was ready to keel over and die. It was fucking brutal in length, yet very entertaining in parts. I met his very cute girl-space-friend Kara, who has gorgeous red hair and was wearing a knockout of a little black dress. He will do very well by her should he be clever enough to actually ask her out. She also plays the piano and is very musically-inclined. A real keeper.

There was a beautiful guy playing Radiohead and John Mayer songs on the street downtown today. I was feeling really courageous and a bit stupid, so I went up to him and told him he was good and invited him to next week's open-mike. He had the most amazing green-blue eyes and he told me he hoped he would see me there. I should have given him my email address. That was fucking dumb.

Cait is here and we're going to go get stoned and watch Pulp Fiction.

Life is once again a pleasant experience.



p.s. for those who were paying attention to this story, I did finally feed the homeless guy who sleeps outside the bookstore. I bought him a turkey sandwich and a cookie and some orange juice a few weeks ago. He was asleep at the time and didn't see me leave it for him, but as far as I know he ate it. I now suspect he's addicted to crystal meth. That drug is a fucking menace.

by Nome at 11:31 PM
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