Monday, July 04, 2005

cheers to ThePurpleOwl, and why life is not so sucky

Just a couple of things to say tonight cause it's late and I'm having a rather engaging cyber-conversation with someone I met yesterday.

First and foremost, cheers to ThePurpleOwl for her first post on her new blog. She leaves so many brilliant little comments on my page, and now I am thrilled to see her shine on her own site. Go visit and stay awhile. A bright light has been lit.

Last night I talked to G. who is now in Beijing for the first time since he left town. It was a nice conversation, and he managed to talk me into signing up for an online people-meeting site. I did, because I've been doing silly ballsy things like that lately, and right away I got a message from a guy about my age who seems startlingly normal (which isn't hard to do given the week I've had). We've had a couple of MSN conversations so far and he strikes me as pretty open-minded and nice. So far, so good. We'll call him Jamie, because I like that name.

(Yes, I'm being careful and if we meet in person it will be in a busy public place, so don't worry)

I also got a message from this very cool girl who's into music and went to school in London. Let's call her Anna. Loads of potential there. She's bi too.

I spent a lovely few hours today after work with Apple. She's a funny, wacky, endearing, loud, alternative, and incredibly fun to be around. She laughs a lot, and she makes me laugh. She is all-around a cool girl. And she wants to have a movie night with me in which we watch only movies about girls who stalk each other. This is only because I told her that I didn't think that women did that. She seeks to prove me wrong.

As of this moment...

I am content.
I am not bored.
I am tired from staying up late talking to people.
I like work.
I like life.

And I spent most of my evening flirting with the Quebecois waiter at the restaurant Carrie plays at. He was cute, and he spoke to me exclusively in French. I think he has a girlfriend but I don't much care about that. I don't really intend to take things further than "merci," and "bonne soiree." I did notice he listened awfully intently to my conversations with Jack, though. Especially when I was telling him about the strange things that have been happening to me all week.

Okay, it is really time for bed.

Jack loved my story. I'm really very chuffed about that.

For the moment, things are just fine and dandy.

We'll see how long that lasts.


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