Monday, September 11, 2006

She Loves the Bass

Is it so hard
To satisfy your senses
You found out to love me
You have to climb some fences
Scratching and crawling
Along the floor to touch you
Just when it feels right
You say you've found someone to hold you
Does she....? Like I do?
Baby tell me does she love you
Like the way I love you?
-Lesbians on Ecstasy - Tell Me Does She Love the Bass

That's probably the sexiest song I know at the moment. I just can't get enough of it.

I was thinking as I walked through the unwilderness of parkland on my way home today how scary it must have been for the people of North America who lived, oh say 40,000 years ago to know that they were walking through forests inhabited by sabertooth tigers, and lions twice the size of the lions in Africa. I was a bit distressed to find that I couldn't decide whether the threat of a bloody death by wild animals was better or worse than walking on a teeny tiny stretch of forest with the highway's endless yellow line glinting unforgivingly through the trees.

The only sabertooth tiger I've ever seen is the big orange guy on the top right. And he's a big softie. Just look at him. That said, sparrows, deer mice, shrews and other small adorable forest creatures -- beware!! This wildcat has a fatal attraction to cuteness.

Speaking of a fatal attraction to cuteness, how cute is Gwen Stefani and her little harajuku girls? Damn cute, and more than a bit scary.

This is the other song I'm obsessed with. It's something of a sub/slave anthem (Storm Rider and Wind know what I mean), and has decided that I like it a lot. Pandora's right, actually, I think the song is great and I never get sick of it.

Sorry to bombard you with lyrics. The best thing you can do should you really want to be inside my head for a little while is to download these songs and listen to them, loud, in the bathtub. Get Soulseek, it's brilliant. Anyway:

You only wake me
Up when you’re hungry
I’ll make some dinner but not today
You only take me
When you get lonely
Into the sunshine where we can play

And then we’ll light a cigarette, for two
Maybe we’ll ride on handlebars, so new
Go on and give it to me

Yeah Yeah Yeah just kick me to the curb, that’s what I’m needing

You only spank me
When I get naughty
Sometimes my manners they go astray
You only thank me
When you get greedy
You know I’ll take you back so it’s okay
-The Dollyrots - Kick Me to the Curb

The Bro and I went to play night tennis last night. Unsurprisingly that's just regular old tennis, except at night, under big bright lights that throw you into complete darkness when they shut themselves off rather unceremoniously at 10:00 pm. I used to play competitive tennis back in the day, but no matter how much I would have liked to be a really short, brown-haired Maria Sharapova, (though as an aside I do think that athletic girls are hot beyond belief, especially when they're 6'3" and Sharapovamazing) I know that my competition days are over. But there's still something so satisfying to me about whacking a tennis ball really hard over a net over and over again. Maybe it's that unbelievably visceral TOCK! sound it makes. It's almost like that moment during sex where you get that theresthespot feeling. And finally, you're in the game. But that's as far as I plan to take that particular metaphor, so don't worry. I'm not going to do any stupid sports = sex equations. Not this week, anyway.

Above to your right is the worst pedicure ever. But check out my sandal tan!! SWEET!

In other news an actual clinical psychiatrist listened to me talk for an hour today and at the end of it informed me that I was "psychologically very healthy." Score. Red stamp of approval. Now I just have to convince the rest of the world.

This is way too long. Sorry.

I'm meeting someone very, very hot tomorrow. But I won't tell you anymore until it actually happens. Thus my hopes remain at a realistic level.

But I am EXCITED like you wouldn't believe.

Or maybe you would.

Happy Monday, all.


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