Monday, August 28, 2006

Be Still My Heart

And I thought, be still my heart
This could be a brand new start, with you.
And it will be clear
If I wake up and you're still here with me in the morning.
-The Postal Service - Be Still My Heart

That song is so much more hopeful that I feel, but I'm posting the lyrics anyway because they make me feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside. And I'm always saying "bestillmyheart" over and over to myself when I'm feeling particularly unstrung.

I managed to finally make it out of the house yesterday around 6:00 pm and rollerbladed down to the beach to meet my aunt, who was reading on the grass in her little camping chair and watching the sunset. It was a tough ride there, due to four blocks of some very bad pavement which was nearly the end of me. I was saved on my split-second journey down to the cement by someone's parked luxury vehicle, and for this I am grateful. I hope it didn't leave a dent. I don't really need another permanent scar like the one on my shoulder from curb jumping onto gravel last summer.

I realised by rollerblading with my aunt while she biked that I can get a bit reckless on those little wheels of mine. I don't tend to obey stop signs and I tend to literally rub shoulders with cars. It gets worse if I'm listening to Joan Jett sing Cherry Bomb. God, that song is way too good.

I took these photos last year, and I'm posting them especially for my dear friend Kev so he can say things like "if only I were straight..."

And oh look, my hair is purple there. I miss it being wacky colours all the time. But I'm thinking it's time to go back to my natural dark brown. What do you guys think?

I'll spare you a long post today just to make Jag smile.

This one's for you, babe.


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