Thursday, August 24, 2006

Please laugh for me while the going's still good

I heart gay snails. These ones remind me of the gay couple I always run into in the laundry room, one of whom is a French guy in his late fifties and the other is a rather adorable boy-toy of a black guy, always dressed in little tank tops and shorts. They always give me THAT LOOK when I come in, the one that means "I KNOW YOU'RE STRAIGHT AND JUDGING US." Oh please. It always makes me want to scream something along the lines of "For God's sake guys, not even my hair is straight. And I wish you'd queer up the laundry room more often." Or failing that I could just yell "HELL-LO! You boys are fabulous!" and listen to their giggling.

Thanks to Mrs. Loquacious for the link. Her blog is dynamite, by the way. It's very articulate and well-written, and perceptive. Go there!

Fuck. Last post of the day, I swear! Time to put my clothes in the dryer!


by Nome at 5:11 PM
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