Wednesday, August 23, 2006

International Ridley Appreciation Day

Today I've decided it's a good day to salute our dear friend Ridley, who is somehow always playing the music that's going through my head and whose radar for the cutest girls is pretty much out of this world. I don't always understand what the deuce he's talking about, but he is doubtlessly as cool as a giant stack of actual vinyl, all the freakin time. So this one's for you, dude. Two internet presents from the Nome:

1) Thought you'd appreciate the Top 10 Worst Album Covers of All Time. Make sure you read the descriptions, because they made me laugh until I nearly cried. And in case you're interested, the word 'gay' here is used as a descriptive term meaning 'attracted to members of the same sex,' and not due to the excessive use of polyester clothing. Therefore it bears the subjective stamp of Nome approval, not that anyone gives a flying fuck. Cheers to Penny, whose site Ridley needs to visit each and every Wednesday if he knows what's good for him.

2) Also thought you'd be into my newest internet love, It's internet radio for those of us with academic (read: nerdy) minds and deeply emotional musical needs. We either love or hate the latest musical trends, we know what we like, and clearly Pandora's got it exactly the way we want it. Kudos to Cait for giving me the first hit for free and thus leading me gently down the long and lonely path to internet radio addiction.

So Happy Ridley Day, everyone.



by Nome at 6:25 PM
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