Friday, August 11, 2006

escaping to the country....


So, I've decided to head for the hills and take a ferry to the island tomorrow morning. I felt my oncoming meltdown today pulsing in the back of my head like those dark spots before a migraine, and I know it's time to leave. I can no longer deal with city noise, cell phones, Hayley, and internet flame wars. Sometimes when I stand up for myself I just end up feeling worse, but such is my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. I estimate this will be a 8-12 day hiatus.


1) The Peaches concert was AMAZING. I was sandwiched between a girl who looked like Claire from Six Feet Under and a little Australian cutie who kept reaching for my hand when the guys behind her started bashing us against the stage. We were right at the front and Peaches, in her sparkly pink hot pants, reached down and shook my hand. Claire graduated in Women's Studies and wrote a 25-page thesis on Peaches. I gave her my email and told her that if she sent me her thesis I would read every single word.

It wasn't awkward to have Hayley and her friends there because we lost each other at the very beginning and I didn't even see them again until the end. She looked almost needy to me. Drunk, smoking, and very, very thin. She said she'd call me next week, and I said "sure, do that." I think my plan to act aloof worked beautifully.

2) My date was amazing. I still don't have a good pseudonym for this girl, so for now let's just call her T. We met at a coffee shop in the West End, and when I got there she was drinking chai tea and reading A Complicated Kindness. So far, so good. We talked for ages without any awkward silences, and finished a lot of each other's sentences. She's absolutely stunning, brilliant, fun, the whole nine yards. I'm definitely not getting my hopes up, but she said she'd call me when I'm back in town and told me she had a great evening. I like her.

Gotta go cause it is seriously late and I have to get up early!

Have a great week, everyone.

Take care,


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