Sunday, August 27, 2006

an evening to smile for

There were sooo many hot girls at the club last night it was almost overwhelming. I couldn't believe how many people I ran into. Jon was there with his new girlfriend, an absolutely stunning black girl with short hair and a pretty face and a body to die for. She's a model, for God's sake. Jon really knows how to pick em. He was being especially nice to me last night and I appreciated it.

I went with an old childhood acquaintance who's just coming out of the closet -- let's call her Lara. I ran into Tori, looking absolutely adorable and hanging out with some friends. I hugged her and she told me I smelled good, which for some reason gave me shivers. She left early, but she seemed thrilled to be introduced to Jack and Lara and the rest of my friends. Still can't read her though, and I keep trying to remind myself that it doesn't matter if she likes me if we're just going to be friends. She's so stunning and witty that it's hard to remember such details. Do people normally tell their friends that they smell good?

I ran into a bunch of people I'd met at Pride, and it was neat that they remembered me. It was such an engaging, colourful, intense kind of an evening that I almost forgot to look out for Hayley, and she never showed. Good thing too, because way too many of my friends had offered to beat her up for me, which I suppose is sweet but violence really isn't my thing. And as amusing as a catfight might have been, I really don't feel the need to incite that kind of high drama.

Sophie lost the competition, which was kind of outrageous considering how good she is and how much the crowd enjoys her. It was mystifying, actually, and she was pretty upset to come in 3rd out of four competitors. But I guess you can't really expect drag judges to be terribly impartial. I do worry about Sophie because she takes the whole thing SO seriously and I can't stand to see her crushed like that.

I stood in the film fest lineup for an hour last night to see Loving Annabelle, a cliched little drama of a schoolgirl romance which I still found pretty enjoyable to watch. It was fairly typical of lesbian films in that you had to wait an insanely long time for any action. Halfway through the film an older woman sitting next to me whispered to her partner about the character onscreen "She has the patience of Job!" It was also typical in that it was ludicrously overwrought, full of drama, and did not end happily ever after, surprise surprise. Those things never end well.

That said, having had a huge crush on a teacher when I was about 11, I really got the whole motif.

And going to a movie by yourself has its advantages. I had a long conversation with a woman in the line next to me, and then started talking about books with the girls sitting in front of me when they saw my copy of On Beauty. I ran into one of them again at the club and she introduced herself to me. I'm kind of kicking myself not not finding her again in the crowd, but it's a small, small world and I'll probably see her again.

I kept stepping on this girl on the dance floor and apologizing over my shoulder, but the third time I did it I felt like I should actually turn around, and when I did I realised it was Anna, the girl who had rescued me out on the curb that night that Hayley was trying to pick up the Dragon Girl. We hugged and chatted like old friends and I thanked her for saving me. I told her I was done with Hayley and she gave me two high fives.

Vodka and red bull tends to prevent me from sleeping, and my head finally hit the pillow just before 5:00 am. I would have stayed out later, but after Sophie's spectacular disappointment no one felt much like partying.

Still I think I made the best out of the evening, all things considered.

It's nice to know that at least I can count on having really, really good friends.

A bientot.


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