Monday, September 11, 2006

The sun sets on isolationism

I suppose that I may seem very, very self-absorbed to all of you today. I've been particularly sensitive to that idea since Mr. Boring Nice Guy here so kindly decided that I was self-centered, and you all know that I'm the biggest bleeding heart this side of the Canadian border, so of course some insensitive stranger's comment wounded me. How tedious, indeed.

But I DO know, recognize, and appreciate that it is September 11th.

And while I do somewhat agree with Bicyclemark and his remarks about the Big American Cliche -- I definitely did take some time today to think about New York and how the place and its people are healing. Any New Yorkers want to comment on this? Curlz? How about my other American readers? How has it affected those of you in Europe, England, and Australia?

My most profound feeling on the day is just how very surreal the idea of two commercial planes crashing into and bringing down some of the world's largest free-standing structures still is for me. It's astonishing, really, how much it still feels like a horrific disaster movie rather than something than actually happened in a real place where real people died. This may just be a function of the generation in which I was raised, although I do hate to generalize myself based on my age.

So what are your thoughts on this day, my readers?

I'd love to know, because I care.

Stay safe,


by Nome at 6:00 PM
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