Wednesday, July 04, 2007

TG! and an interview

I'm finding it SUPER difficult not to think about The Girl.
She's out of town and out of cell phone range for five whole days, and these days have been LOOONG ones. I think about funny things she said, or I smile to myself on the bus about how she was so nervous when she met me that her hands were shaking. And then I have dreams where I am flying over trees and I wake up buzzing and wishing I was naked and she was kissing me again.

I've been keeping myself entertained by going to my friend Kasey's softball games and getting excited about a bunch of really dykey girls running around the bases for several hours. It works! Plus there is sun and pretty green Vancouver grass and the feeling that I am being athletic by proxy.

My old friend Lauren introduced me to TG (who will get a name when I know her better!), and so I went to her house yesterday to gush about our date. Lauren was already drunk when I got there, on a first-day-of-managing-a-daycamp bender, and her first words to me were: "You went to a softball game dressed like that? What kind of lesbian are you?" "The bad kind," I answered. I was wearing my teachery little black dress with a belt. And sparkly black ballet flats. Maybe a TAD girly for softball, but it's not like I was playing.

Tonight Kasey skipped out on her game after they benched her for not high-fiving the other girls after every inning (oh the ball drama), and we went for Indian food on the Drive. It was mediocre, and there's nothing worse than mediocre Indian food. Except maybe bad poetry, delivered earnestly, in a context where you can't make fun [NB: please make fun of mine when it is bad].

TG and the girl Kasey is seeing are really good friends. Go figure. The girl world is a small one. Kasey's girl, who we'll call Shawna, is very awkward and endearing. For some reason I expected her to be more of a vixen. But maybe that's just cause I like the vixens.

I like Kasey too. I've discovered I can distract her from whatever she's doing with the words "whips and vinyl." Today we had a conversation about what we would do to each other in bed. That's pretty typical for us. We've decided we're tremendously compatible, but also good friends. Plus she's Jon's ex and thus somewhat forbidden. But, never say never.

Exciting news: I got an interview with the unionized school that I really want to work at. It's on Tuesday and I'm hoping it goes well. I'm hoping even more that if I do get hired I can psych myself up to work there cause I am SO not in work mode at the moment. All I want to do is hang out with beautiful girls who will go to the beach with me and who I can potentially sleep with.

Also, check out Dag's rad photographic abilities. She took these! I know that Shaun was jealous because when I showed these shots to him he said: "these are like the photos I took of you, only with less clothes." Ya right pal. Props do not a photographer make. And besides, I only take my clothes off for girls.

I must to bed. I'm teaching TOEFL to 12-year-olds again tomorrow morning. It's actually much more fun than it sounded at first. Every time I don't teach for a while I convince myself it's a drag, but when I step back into the classroom again and see their little smiling faces I always remember: "oh right, I love this."

I've been writing cell phone poetry, so called because I compose said poems in the constricted space of a 150 character cell phone notepad entry.

A sample:

Luxury is a broken bottle
With glass that shines maroon like the windows in a church
Holiness is too delicate not to shatter
With my blessed sins.

And one more for the road:

An honest word is like a piece of fuzzy grass
Beside the highway.
Impossibly perfect in my city wasteland,
my town of broken hearts
and butterflies.

A bientot,


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