Monday, August 06, 2007

lesbians on ecstasy

Oh what an amazingly wild, wet, wicked weekend it has been.

I'm sad no one took photos of me in my rainbow suspenders. But I did get loads of compliments, and a good deal of suspender-snapping.

A few highlights:

1) Chicas -- Hot House of Hotties - Had never been to this insanely expensive post-Pride-parade party at a huge fancy mansion in the West End, but I'm damn glad I bought a ticket. Oh so many beautiful women in one place! So much music. My fave DJ spinning her heart out. And all so much more intense with half a tab of good old methylenedioxymethamphetamine. I know I don't need drugs to be social and have fun. But it certainly helped in a house full of hundreds of hot girls taking their shirts off. And don't worry, I know about the risks of hyperthermia and hyponatremia and all that medical jargon. Talked to my dear friend Jenna until they closed the place down. I felt like I could have talked to her all night. Everything she said was profound. Other than TG, she is probably the smartest woman I know, and she has enough years behind her to be relied upon for intense clarity and wisdom. I quite adore her.

2) Dyke March - It had never occurred to me to actually march in it. Usually I just watch from the park and soak up the joy. But TG and Shawna convinced me, and so I walked the whole route alongside two recently-married lesbian couples I know, feeling exhilarated and loving life.

3) Dyke March Dance - Also better on ecstasy. You Shook Me All Night Long has NEVER sounded so hot.

4) Pride Parade - Gay boys, dykes on bikes, and free razors for the girls. A bizarro combination, and a tad too corporate, but I still loved it.

5) Hershe Bar - Danced my tail off before I came down off the E. Danced in a cage, danced in the jungly room upstairs, danced to intense pounding deep house music that I normally find terribly boring. Made out with TG until I was tingling all over. Everything felt so so good. It was almost unreal.

6) The looooong walk home -- TG walked me all the way from downtown to my house. It took two and half hours. We had to keep stopping cause we couldn't keep our hands off each other. She's a tiger! Got home at 5:00 am. No further details will be forthcoming, but suffice it to say I'm pretty elated today. Buzzing. Thrilled. Excited.

Oh Pride. It is so great. Please tell me that straight people have fun too, otherwise I'll have to feel terribly sorry for them.


by Nome at 5:42 PM
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