Friday, March 04, 2005

Murphy was a big jerk

For reasons I do not entirely understand, elements of my life seem to fit awfully nicely into the principles of Murphy's Law.

For instance:

1) I really only feel affectionate towards people who are constantly depriving me of affection.
2) The only time people ask for my advice and really need it is when we are in different cities and communicating in text format.
3) The single, solitary time in my life I tried to seduce someone I really liked, they turned out to be permanently and irrevocably disinterested in me.
4) The nicest guys always turn out to be Romanian.
5) The times I deliver brilliant performances, onstage or in life, are the times when the people I really want to prove something to are not there.
6) The Christmas Eve afternoon I spent in a garishly-lit supermarket for absolutely no reason at all was the afternoon my beloved grandmother died alone.

Yes, Murphy was a big jerk. But from time to time, he made some good points.

In other news, Pulp Fiction is one of the bestest movies ever. Go see it. Don't let anyone tell you that it's immoral, glorifies drug use, or objectifies women. The people who say that are the people who didn't watch the whole thing. It has served me well since I was 12 years old. Now don't go saying that it's a sign of our dark times that Quentin Tarantino serves as a role model for youth. As Allan Ball so eloquently put it: Look closer.

Meh. Enough.


by Nome at 11:17 PM
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