Saturday, April 30, 2005

is this insane?

Do you guys think this is utterly nuts, understandable, a phase, or something one should be arrested for?

I suppose there are also other possibilities.

Oh, and was anyone else's first thought when they read this: "I wonder which actor she's talking about...."

Went to the film fest with April tonight and loved it. I think we really vibe. We hung out and ate sushi until midnight. She was enthusiastic about going to the gyme with me, and I know she's hard-core cause she plays basketball with boys. And boys have muscles.

Yay for new friends!

I just found out that this kid in our film class who is this total genius and made an amazing film we saw tonight got a lousy 65% in the Canadian film class we all took. Fucking unreal. I don't think April got a much better mark than that either. I am both awed and confused by my inexplicable 88%. I didn't even work all that hard. Meh.

Anyway, yay for new friends.

I guess that was my main point.

Sleep, sleep, sleep!


by Nome at 2:42 AM
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