Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hi guys.

I have absolutely no idea why some of you are having problems scrolling on my site. I have never encountered this problem on my computer, and I have no idea how to fix it.

Please let me know if it's still acting up and I'll try to look into it, but really this is beyond my level of expertise. I'm especially puzzled since at least three of you have had problems but it's never stopped working for me.

The best I can offer, after a bit of fun fucking around with the source code, is that I've hit some kind of javascript error which prevents access to my comments. I don't know why it prevents access to the other posts on the page. The problem is completely alleviated by using Mozilla Firefox, which you really should be using anyway because it is better and less evil than Internet Explorer. If you're on a shared or public computer and don't have any choice in the matter then there's not much that you can do for the moment. Unless Rick or some other clever computer genius has a better idea.

Yeah, so sorry. It sucks, and I don't have a really great way to fix it for the time being.

I have much more to write but it will have to wait until later.

In the meantime, what does anyone with gmail think about this? I have gotten two gmail invitations and I wanted to sign up, but the Boy has been bombarding me with reasons why I should not go ahead and get an account. Do you think there's anything to these claims?

Back soon, with some of the answers to the questions people have sent out.

You should send more questions! I won't think you're odd for asking personal things. Actually I find it all rather intriguing.

A bientot.


p.s. No hangover at all this morning. I wasn't really drunk enough to have one. I didn't even have the spins...just not a lot of inhibitions remained at the end of the evening.

by Nome at 10:22 PM
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