Tuesday, May 03, 2005

you know you're out of shape when

you go to the gyme and the next morning everything hurts like a motherfucker, to the point where you seriously consider using the word 'motherfucker' regularly again, after it took you several months to quit. Those damn Romanians had no idea what they were saying when they used English words like 'motherfucking' and after a few months I had started to talk like them too. And they would say it when they did something really minor, like dropping something durable on the floor. That was a bit too extreme, even for me.

I don't smoke. Instead, I swear. It is my bad habit, and since it's not giving me lung cancer I don't intend to quit. Plus, it's not as though the biggest word I can come up with is only four letters long.

This morning I was cuddling with the Boy when he got up and put some music videos on his computer so we could watch them in bed. We were watching this Ashlee Simpson video, the one where she's trying to look all earnest and tortured, and I was thinking about how very dumb she must be in real life. Then, as if reading my mind, the Boy said:
"Do you think if someone had no brains that you could blow into their ear and it would make that funny sound you get when you blow into an empty jug?"
It appeared to be a serious inquiry, so I told him to test it on me.
It sounded just like someone loudly blowing air into my ear, which means either that I have brains or that an empty head doesn't sound like an empty jug.
Then I laughed for a long time.
I guess this is what counts for pillow talk in my world.

It is the Boy's birthday tomorrow. He will be 22, which sounds really old to me, especially since I've known him since he was barely 16. I'm never ever going to catch up to him in age. He will always be exactly 6 months older than me, which somehow seems really unfair. We're going to go to the aquarium, because he's never been, and I think that watching fish and sharks and whales in big blue tanks is about the closest you can get to paradise while still maintaining a G rating.

I've noticed that many people I know are born in May. Fortunately my parents were a bit more original in their choice of a month to copulate without contraception. I think I was a mistake, but my mother always says I was a 'surprise.' Some surprise. "Here's an annoying kid you have to take care of for the next few decades -- ENJOY!"

S. of Drag King fame is ill and so I'm going to go visit her tomorrow. Now I have to think of some fun stuff to bring her. It might require a bit of pondering.

Ah well, more later I suppose.


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