Thursday, June 16, 2005

drugs and dress code

I'm celebrating the fact that I don't have to adhere to a dress code today by wearing my insanely low-rise light blue cords, which sadly are WAY to big on me now, and my rather low-cut purple tank top with lace on the front. Now if only my hair would behave, I'd be all set for a super-superficial good time.

The Bossi would bristle if I came into work looking like this. And for this reason alone, God (or Boss #1, as the case may be) has blessed me with two days off in a row.

I got so delightfully high last night with my bestest friend in the world. Boy, that weed P. sold me is wicked. Emotive and mellow with very little paranoia. This is really to be preferred, because when I get paranoid I feel quite sure that everyone is trying to rape me, and that is not a pleasant feeling.

Buying weed from P. is like having the ultimate line of credit, seeing as I didn't pay him for it for three months, and he didn't exactly charge me interest. He had forgotten that I owed him money, and I would have scored it for free if it weren't for my terminally honest nature.

I walked around the neighbourhood after Cait left at about 1:00 am, and everything looked like those ancient Chinese paintings made real. The water in the pond was a mirror image of the world, and I realised for the first time just how impressive spider webs really are. The moon was this fantastic halo in a hazy blue sky, and the grass was just impossibly green. I should have stayed out longer, but instead I came in and read some crazy shit about Scientology on the internet. That stuff is about fifty times more fucked up when you read it stoned. My only big problem with getting high is that I lose my ability to read well. I have to read everything over four or five times and I find myself making all sorts of connections that I realise several seconds later (due to my finely-honed bullshit detector) are actually complete nonsense, and I'm only thinking them up because I'm extremely well-toasted. Then I just start to feel like a moron, and it's time to go to bed.

I went to sleep around 4:00, and I had a bunch of odd dreams about living with a roommate who listened to hippy techno music with a lot of bass and an eagle calling in the background.

My new favourite song is Shivaree's 'Goodnight Moon.' It's like Tarantino encapsulated in a little over four minutes. I can sing it somewhat, and it has a nice little guitar solo in the middle. Too bad my brother seems to have lost whatever enthusiasm he once had for playing at the open-mike next week. I need someone who can play the piano and the guitar and is good-natured, and plays well with others, and likes girls with purple hair who are slightly outspoken and perhaps a bit irritating (but who will also make you cookies whenever you want). They must be willing to learn two relatively easy songs for next Friday night. Any takers?

I have to go tutor L.P. now.

My brain is still fuzzy, and I'd really rather make some tea and read about wizards.

Kids - who sent me my dvd and book? Someone in England! To whom do I owe my boundless gratitude?


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