Sunday, June 26, 2005

a few unimportant details

I probably won't be able to write tomorrow since my day is jam-packed with all sorts of funness (work, Carrie's gig, dinner with S.), so for now I'll just quickly fill you in on a few semi-engaging details of my life at the moment:

1) I went to the flamenco show with April tonight. I really liked it, and I really like her. Her hair looks nice when it's straight and she has very cute freckles, which look amazing on her dark skin. I also took her to S.'s drag show at the club, and she seemed amused, although uncomfortable. Her rather extreme religious upbringing has made her not only straight as a line, but also a bit squeamish about things like sex, swearing, and rock music. I may have to break her in a bit. Take that as you will.

2) I have the word "Sinner" stamped on the back of my right hand right now.

3) Work was 2-3 times more insane today, probably because of a big neighbourhood event that drew more people to the area. We literally did triple the normal volume of transactions on an average Saturday. I was flat-out exhausted and into full-on zombie mode after the first few hours. People, PLEASE, the next time you're standing in a long line at a store, do your cashier a favour and make it quick when you get to the front. NO complicated questions or requests! That is unless you really want to hear me lose it and start yelling "You know what? FUCK IT! Find your own damn books! Ring in your own bloody purchases! I'm outta here!"

4) All the cute girls are straight.

5) All the cute guys are gay.

6) I'm starting to think I'm the last rabidly non-Christian atheist in the whole certifiably insane world. Jack and Carrie walk around saying "Jesus loves me" without a hint of irony, and they chat about church and Bible study. April only listens to Christian rock and gospel music. One of my friends from high school writes a blog about how he hopes God will relieve his seasonal allergies. Whatever happened to picking up some antihistamines at the drugstore? Kev...or anyone on my plain of thinking: I need a pithy comment about religion involving opiates and masses, stat.

7) I tend to think that one should never let religion get in the way of morality.

8) Swinging both ways has not been very fun so far. I'm starting to think the fun part is a myth.

9) I wish I could blame most of my inappropriate behaviour on Asperger's Syndrome.

10) I'd love to make out with someone right now. There doesn't even have to be anything more than that involved.

11) I've just TMIed all of you in a big way.

12) Sorry.

But not really.


by Nome at 2:38 AM
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