Monday, October 03, 2005

a whole lot of brilliance

Yeah, oops.

I guess I read the work schedule wrong. I'm actually not bookselling until next week. *Shrug* Thanks for the well-wishing anyway. I'll save it until next Monday.

I'm listening to my new PJ Harvey cd right now, and quite loving it. She makes me feel angsty and angry, but also strangely indifferent and almost calm. Something about her voice is sexy as all hell. I've decided that I like girls who aren't afraid to be beautiful and utterly obscene at the same time. Brittany Murphy is the ultimate example of that kind of girl. This photo pretty much sums it up for me. So does her performance in a quite brilliant independent film (also starring Jon Leguizamo and the stunning Mena Suvari) called Spun. That film was incredibly fucked-up, but great.

Considering it was Monday, my most hated 24 hours of the week, I had a pretty good day. Our newest cashier, the one who was technically hired to take the job I wanted, has turned out to be a really cool girl. Her name is Lena and she is cute and friendly and if she wasn't straight as a pool cue and married I'd have a total crush on her. She's one of those girls who's completely grown-up and yet is always tickling people. Actually, as far as I could tell, she only tickles me. Grrr....

Emma's girlfriend said she thought I looked depressed today, and coming from her that basically means I look like I'm about to slit my wrists in a darkened bathtub somewhere. Oddly enough, she said this on a day when I was actually feeling slightly better about life. How ironic.

I had a nice conversation with Kylie on the phone tonight. My policy of not calling or emailing her until she contacts me appears to have paid off. She said she misses me a lot and has been regretting not going out with me. I told her that it's not like I'm dead. There's still time. We're young, and nothing's set in stone. I'm not holding my breath, but I fully confess I'd drop everything in a moment to be with her. Fuck meeting new people. She makes me laugh, and I'm starting to think that's an invaluable quality in another human being.

My Zen player is busted. The scroll wheel no longer works, and so I can't play albums, individual songs, or playlists. For a week I listened to nothing but the same Buck 65 album I was listening to when the thing stopped working properly. Granted, it's a fucking wicked album (Talkin' Honky Blues...just go out and buy it. It's worth every penny), but this morning I decided it was really time for a change. I knew that once I pushed the random button on my player, there was no going back. But I took the plunge, and right away got a lovely live Lauryn Hill song for my trouble, followed by 'Beast of Burden,' probably my favourite Rolling Stones song other than Sympathy for the Devil. I'm taking it as a metaphor for life. A routine you like may be great for a while. Great like Buck 65's 463, a blindingly unique, creepy and dark song with a lot of organ, some great guitar solos, and lyrics about fighting and disillusionment. But after a while, even brilliant things become a little stale. That's why on some level, it's worth embracing the randomness that life has to offer. After all, if you hate the song that's playing, you can always just skip it.

That said, I wouldn't mind sleeping with one person for a while.

I found a great new drink for the winter. Try it at home, kids. It's called the London Fog, and it's fun for the whole family. Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, and a shot of vanilla syrup. Make one, and think of me.

Happy Monday night.


by Nome at 10:05 PM
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