Thursday, August 11, 2005

I guess I pretty much enjoy uploading photos on here...

You can take this post as a visual representation of the things I have been doing lately instead of writing in my blog.

Me at Pride, with some the gayest guys on Earth. The gay ones are always the hot and sensitive ones. So unfair.

This is pretty much my favourite picture from Pride, because the words on his shirt are so true.

Lying in a field of flowers on the island. A dream come true, and then some. I even have a straw hat.

My brother took this photo. I'm lying on the top deck on the island, next to the tomato plants.

This was one of the loveliest sunsets I'd seen in a while.

Me at Dan's wedding. As you can see, I look slightly bored, and as though I am coming up with ironic banter in my head. Both are true. Check out the squares in the background. Who wears a blue shawl?! Apparently, that person.

Cute flower girls at the wedding. At least I can always count on kids to be fun and down-to-earth.

Okay. And now I REALLY have to go!


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