Friday, July 22, 2005

All I have to say today is the following:

1) Old world underground where are you now?
Subtract my age from the mileage
on my speeding heart.
Credit cards accelerate, accumulate
looked for you downtown
wound up in a movie with no story
now it’s late and you are nowhere to be found...
...Argh, can't take credit for it. It is Metric's I.O.U. Damn that Emily Haines and her hotness and her brilliance.

2) The best part of being home alone is getting to walk around on a hot summer's day in my underwear. Today it is a purple bra with flowers and a pink thong. So girly it's just ridiculous.

3) Was totally wrong about Kylie. She was just busy this unweekend, and she was super-glad to hear from me this afternoon. I am clearly fit for the nut house.

Off to open-mike it!


by Nome at 7:50 PM
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