Thursday, July 07, 2005

high praise

The following is one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. It comes from a guy down in the states who I sent my story to. He has a PhD in educational psychology (smartie!) and he's a musician, too (I'll post the link to some of his songs if he's okay with it). This is what he thought of "Green Maple":
that story is wonderfully crafted in its images and its
characters. i wonder how much of it is autobiographical.
somehow you manage to find this fluid sensuality and
innocence in a very physical relationship, a sort of
letting go that never seems quite so tidy in life. i find
i'm even a bit choked up while i'm typing this.
sentimental, maybe a little envious. yes, my parents live
in New Jersey. there are maple leaves there too. and
evergreens. and love on occasion. love love love the way
you followed that metaphor all the way to its rational
conclusion. i get the feeling that you share my passion for
imagery relating to trees.
yes it's quite the pity that we're on opposite corners of
the continent, but if you're ever in town i'll gladly play
some music on the beach for you.
Whoa. Rather speechless in the face of that. The next time I am frustrated with the many guys I meet whose most intelligent remarks involve a lot of drunken yelling, I will think of him and smile. There are some wonderful, sweet, and smart people in the world.

I must never forget it.



p.s. why no comments lately? You can't all be speechless too!
p.p.s. I assume it was PurpleOwl who bought Essays in Love for me. Thanks! You're a sweetheart. I shall think of you while reading it. I've put a link to your site on my sidebar - I love your blog so far. Thanks again!

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