Sunday, June 18, 2006

as usual, the firestorm was not my idea....

Oh yes. Check out the great little disputation attached to this post. Isn't it peculiar how my little rant about my brother's closed-mindedness brings out all sorts of colourful comparisons to people holding John 3:16 signs and the KKK? How very appropriate.

Oh my. I must have a Marilyn Monroe moment here, eyelashes all aflutter. Little old me? A political pariah? Haha. And here I thought I so gracefully straddled both sides of the proverbial fence...

Tonight, the big debate is stay in and make Hayley some dinner, or go to the beach and eat fish and chips? It is a beautiful evening, and I've been living on fruit and orange juice, and sleeping thirteen hours a night. Maybe I need to get out more.

But as usual, I will consult with the Princess of Spruce Street, Duchess Hayley I, on the issue.

The country was sooooo beautiful, and WAIT, WHAT'S THIS I HEAR? Jag coming to Canadia in December???!! I rejoice at even the scant possibility. My favourite Dutch girl in my home country. Too good to be true!

Must. Call. Hayley. Robot Voice.



by Nome at 7:30 PM
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