Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I know I'm lame for not blogging....

but it has been a seriously busy couple of days.

I went to York, rambled along the moors, went to the coast, went for a two-hour walk in the pouring rain, and had a philosophical conversation with an old man at a bus stop. I told him that I was visiting friends in Europe and so I wasn't REALLY alone, and he replied "We're all alone." Very dark, although true of course.

Now I'm in Edinburgh, staying with my friend Dan who works for the film festival and has a nice old apartment with two roommates and a mouse I call Jack. He lives behind the stove. The mouse, not Dan. I've been eating a lot of Weetabix and drinking a lot of tea, and exploring this fine city on foot. I've been surprised at how cosmopolitan the place is. I've been seeing a lot of very cute girls with blond hair on bikes, and I basically can't stop taking pictures. It's all so Scottish and dark and beautiful.

Dan's friends whipped me at Texas Hold Em last night, which is just as well since the wager was £5 and I didn't want to go broke by buying in again. Instead I watched MTV and once Dan was out of the running we watched a Japanese samurai flick called Azumi, about a girl assassin who kicks a lot of ass and has blood artfully sprayed on her face every five minutes. It was gory and silly but so much fun.

I should get going cause I have to meet Dan for lunch.

Anyone want to read my mass email from Yorkshire?

I'll only post it if you'll read it.



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