Wednesday, May 10, 2006

from the Drama Queen


So I probably blew the Frida thing way out of proportion. But really, what is this blog for if not for me to rant about things that are really meaningless in the scheme of things?

Apparently Frida handed Cait an olive branch today at lunch by announcing that Tuesday night is Gay Night at this club in town. It was a bit weird, but I appreciate her attempt nonetheless.

[By the way, this is Jag and her kitty looking cute. The cuteness applies to both of them, and it is off the charts]

The only other thing to report is that I still feel horrible and don't want to leave Exeter while I still feel shitty because then I'll have to travel all alone and sickly through the UK, and the idea is really quite miserable to me. I wish I could just sleep through the night for once. I think that would make me feel at least marginally better.

Hayley and I exchanged two long emails about sex, which I guess is weird, but we can't really talk about it in person from a continent away. I'm no longer quite so freaked out by the idea of being rough with her. I got to tell her what I like too, and that was neat. I'm definitely not getting out the whips and chains and knives (which she doesn't want anyway!), but I'll work on the small stuff and I think we'll get it. We actually have more in common in the sex department than I realised.

I better attempt sleep.



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