Saturday, May 06, 2006

Too sweet for violence

Somehow I ended up having a four-and-a-half hour conversation with Hayley on MSN last night. Most of it was about sex, which was great but strange, and not only because of the stark typewrittenness of the medium. I went to bed and had a lot of strange dreams and now I feel generally confused. God this girl intimidates me. She's just so insanely hot and she knows what she's doing and I'm just trying to keep up.

So now I have the opposite problem to Jag's. My girlfriend wants me to be rough with her, but the idea freaks me out. How can I hurt the girl I love, on purpose, because it makes her feel good??

God I am such an amateur.

I need help.

Sex bloggers, the commentary starts here! I welcome any and all input.


by Nome at 3:54 AM
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