Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the only bad thing about being in Holland....

where the weed is amazing, Jag the greatest Dutch girl ever is here, and one can drink beer with the Jab Man and play with the adorable Gingerboy cats, IS....

That I have to leave it all behind!

That part sucks. A lot.

Anyway, here are some photos to tide you over. For what, I know not.

Me on the canal in Amsterdam. Such a pretty city.

The Gingerman 2. Gotta love this kitty!

A little bit of Queen's Day craziness.

Where else in the world, other than at a drag show, can you get away with an ORANGE FEATHER BOA? Good times.

Jag in Bicyclemark's boat on the canal. I like that she looks like she's emerging from an abyss.

So....where are my readers?? Comment, for God's sake!! If you're still reading, I want to know about it!



by Nome at 5:07 AM
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