Wednesday, May 10, 2006

go Catholicism!


So...Cait has this German flatmate, let's call her Frida. She has bright red hair and the scheduling abilities of a stereotypical German person. She's fun and smart and a generally neat human being and I like her a lot.

She found out about Hayley, because I told Cait that (other than confirmed bigots), I really didn't care who knew about my relationship with her. Apparently Frida turns out to be very Catholic and opposed to the whole idea, on the grounds that I can't pop out babies if I'm having sex with a girl. This is hilarious given that she herself uses birth control with her boyfriend, but who am I to point out such hypocrisy?

Anyway, I brushed this reaction off in my usual manner, but then I was up half the night pondering it. Objectively, this shouldn't bother me, at all. But for some reason it's a shame. I respected this girl, for one thing. And for another thing, well, I can be an oversensitive baby and it just reminds me of hiding out last year in the cold, cold, security of the proverbial closet, and how nice it was in some ways to not have anyone judge me simply because they didn't know.

I don't wish that I was a different person. I love who I love, and that's that. I just wish I'd be born into a different world.

Thanks for listening.


by Nome at 3:58 AM
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