Friday, May 12, 2006



So...Cait's flatmate Gene is well-known for his sexist, racist, and homophobic views. I mainly ignore him, though my stomach turns a bit when the opposing football team scores and he yells "fucking coons!" at the TV.

Apparently a few months ago Cait and her other flatmate Jenna decided to go see Brokeback Mountain. They mentioned this to Gene in passing, and to their surprise he responded with "oh yeah, a cowboy movie. Great! Count me in!" Neither of the girls decided to say anything to correct this assumption, thinking that perhaps the experience of the film might broaden his horizons somewhat. Seriously, though, you'd have to be a blind and deaf monk living in a monastery in the thin air of Tibet not to know what Brokeback Mountain is about.

Unfortunately for the general amusement of all involved, he discovered what the film was really about before they could take him to it, and responded with his predictable "I'm not going to see a man shag another man! What the bloody hell!"

But imagine if he hadn't figured it out....oh the hilarity.

Better get to bed.



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